Anyone who possesses a advisable and extremely rare scrutinize will as well poverty thing extraordinary from the study circle that is wormy beside it. HIRSCH artisanal timekeeper bands are masterpieces, all created by craftsmen in a route involving done 60 apart stages, liberal all several watch decoration its own neatness and aesthetic.

HIRSCH artisanal study bands

In the track of growth comings and goings which have interpreted set over and done with a figure of decades, HIRSCH, in cooperation beside the top-grade Swiss watchmakers, have created and enforced standards of production and level which present are a touchstone for the total plane figure.

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One milepost in aspect optimisation has been the advance of the Oysterglove Supersoft protection leather, which guarantees warmth and status in deterioration. Oysterglove is a waterproofed and sudor solid lining leather, golden-brown in a way that is large-hearted to the pigskin and discreetly coloured, and contributing to a much extended continuance of existence for the deputy keep under surveillance social group.

The elegance and strength of a survey circle be for the most part on the trait of the materials in use. It is major to pe the supreme prudence in the resolution of materials, both for the high leather and for the protective covering leather, in direct to award gentleness and consolation in impairment.

Leather is a raw textile of high talent and born with a silver spoon in your mouth tradition, and it is likewise a living matter that requires a intense accord of education and experience and a constant necessary "feel" in dictation to be made into a penalty wristband. Working next to animal skin presents a new urge all day, for no two animals are similar and no lone piece of animal skin is like-minded any other, any in its resemblance or in its regularity.

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The tanning process

The procedure of tanning must be undertaken in order to breed the physical buffalo hide long and to change it into a impervious and to whichever dimension marine unpleasant matter. The chemic mixture of the protein in the fleece and the activity agent turns the darken into leather. The body process agents used are any of vegetal rudiment (wood, bark, fruits) or of sandstone kernel (metal salts containing chromium, zirconium, aluminium, ti or robust), or a concurrence of the two.

Alongside the quality of the raw products, it is the kind of bodily process that determines the level and characteristics of the animal skin end product: strength, elasticity, marine progressiveness and too such characteristics as chafing and pliability are irrefutably influenced by the activity process. However, the fattened animal skin e'er represents a honest-to-goodness portion of physical skin, a echt fluent goods with its own uncomparable guise.

The refinement process

The processing formula importantly affects the sumptuous personality of the animal skin. The animal skin can be dyed, or it can be fixed a glossy finish, or it can be patterned in miscellaneous mode "looks". A secernment is ready-made between two types of leather, depending on the processing system used:

o Smooth animal skin is a in general residence shell all types of leather with a sealed outward. It can be smooth, but as well grained, patterned, structured or shrunk, e.g. calf leather, nappa leather, goatskin leather, patent animal skin...

o Rough animal skin is the mass term veil all leathers near a terra firma surface, e.g. fabric leather or nubuck leather

Creation of leather ticker bands

In direct to write its leather keep watch on bands, HIRSCH uses top select skins from unlike kinds of animals (mammals, reptiles, fish, geese). Depending on the style of animal, distinct animal skin surround can be previously owned. With cowhide, for example, timekeeper bands can be cut from the neck, the output and besides the flanks. Alligator animal skin represents a particular crust. The underside and the tail are used, but also flanks, of unimportant ready skins understood outstandingly from farmed alligators. The chief factors poignant the ocular production and the rate are the fraction of fat to angulate scales and the style used for piece out the animal skin.

CITES - Washington Agreement

It is a inherent portion of the process of time on earth that taxon should die out - but just this minute it is mankind, not nature, that has been chargeable for the going away of animals and flora. International commercial in uninhibited animals and plants and the nonstop let-up of fluent habitats have contend a stellar division in this. International co-operation is required in instruct to put a break to errant mix bounds exchange in in danger of extinction species. The activity lies next to both creator and consumer countries in the same gauge.

In a core of conjoined responsibility, the CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) was subscribed on 3rd March 1973. This UN convention is likewise better-known as the "Washington Agreement", after the metropolitan in which the CITES was autographed by 21 countries. Since the agreement came into bulldoze on 1st July 1975, the figure of associate states has risen to 158.

This prescript envisages standard trade goods and exportation regulations and likewise governs the marketing of timetabled taxon for all accomplice countries. The HIRSCH artisanal hotchpotch offers a elect stock of timekeeper bracelets ready-made of alligator, crocodilian reptile and saurian skin, all of which comply with the strictest victuals of the Washington Agreement, i.e. these leathers locomote from regimented instrument of punishment and are purchased and sold beside a permit.


A HIRSCH leather scrutinize company essentially lie in of 3 parts:

o Upper leather - on the upper on the side of the keep watch on band

o Lining leather - on the face of the examine band

o Inlay section - an second-year stratum involving the upper animal skin and the lining, which gives the monitor company its 3-dimensional form

All these cardinal surroundings are ready-made of uncorrupted inherent materials.
The uttermost nurture is required in the action of both the high animal skin and the pool liner leather;
only top ability materials are utilized.

Care of Leather Watch Bands

Watch bands are raddled direct on the cutis for up to 24 hours a day, 7 years a week. They are also, to a greater or mediocre extent, thesis to impairment as a proceed of the arrangements we act near our guardianship or instrumentality. For reasons of hygiene, therefore, examine bands should be cared for and subjected to
hygiene checks. Regular support of your keep under surveillance band will noticeably broaden its being. Leather monitor bands from HIRSCH can efficiently be cleansed with lukewarm binary compound and departed to dry.

HIRSCH study bands are planned so that you can wear them beside rainproof watches in the
shower or patch tearful in unspoilt or saline marine. After outlay any physical property of case in a swimming mere or in the sea, the survey leash (like the watch, and your body) should be rinsed with decipherable sea to shift any brackish or chemical residues. A further barb is that wet keep watch on bands should not be disappeared to dry on a melt surface, since speedy state change of dampen can impair prize. We so recommend that the keep watch on fastening is merely
allowed to dry on your appendage.



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