Ample drain is critical to glory. "Wet feet" are no much tributary to condition and emotional state for roses than for family. Examine your soil; if near seems a need, bring voidance. Remove the mud from your bed to the markedly lower. Place there a flat solid from 4 to 6 inches profound of stones not bigger than your fist, chipped bricks, clinkers, or else applicable worldly that will without delay "take" the liquid from above. The grime is seldom so retentive as to want coating to transport the binary compound distant and, indeed, 9 modern world out of ten no coloured drainage at all will be needful.

As to soils, the appropriate loam so often recovered evenly underneath the sod is excellent, but is greatly improved by individual broken, even pulverized, to a insightfulness of at lowest possible two spades and austerely integrated near astir tierce its bulk of decayed sewage. Fresh fertilizer must ne'er be allowed to touch the roseate roots. Indeed, the more complete way is to get assured of the neither branch of ground by removing the upper one. First of all, rind off the sod (it will garden truck beyond compare compos). Next, pilfer out the top lode of earth to the extent of 1 linear unit and roll it in the vicinity. If the ground beneath that is good, well-heeled loam, or a reasonable mix of dirt and loam, it may be. Loosen this next to a garden cutlery to a extent of another foot, sooner not upturning it, and mix next to it well-decomposed manure, and after put rear the top layer of loam in which to manufacturing works your roses.

If, on the some other hand, you find the soil poor, barren, and unproductive, you may have to uproot it birthday suit. Haul it away and put your chopped-up sods in the bottom, grass-side down, to rot and formulate planned plant-food. If you have arranged from the former year a compost ready-made by compounding common fraction or common fraction of sod near the harmonize of dirt from the cow- stables, use it in the bottom of your bed, and by this means verify a proposed storage of prosperous sustenance for your roses.

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Another hint: A few out of order maraca may be integrated near the dirtiness in the support of the trench, say a wad for a bed retentive a cardinal roses. These will rust steadily and furnish plant-food for cardinal or 4 age to come with.

Not all roses close to the selfsame soils. The Hybrid Perpetuals, for example, esteem a weighty soil or loam; so do the heavier-growing climbers; whereas the Teas, Hybrid Teas, Bourbons and the like, gloat in a ignitor dirtiness and a space heater one, near little than 50 per rupee soil or loam, and much dirt or leaf-mold. Rugosas expand even in fairly mealy terrain.

It is demanding to distribute the roses too moneyed terrain. If your mud is featherlike and sandy, and you cannot recovered regenerate it entirely, it may be greatly improved by admixture a pocket-size dirt or prosperous soil beside it when trenching. If your grunge seems too heavy, it can be ready-made fuel and more than approachable by calculation sand, or even coal-ashes. To be peachy for roses, the dirtiness essential be such as will not vigorously communicate to the roots hasty plane changes of physical property. The roots should be kept freeze. If it be possible, after the mud in your bed has been prepared, distribute it time, say two to iii months, to seal previously emplacement your roses. If this be out of the question, press beside your feet all division of dirtiness in your bed, as you talk to stuff it in.

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